AHRC International Placement Scheme

2023 International Placement Scheme 

The International Placement Scheme (IPS) is an annual programme providing Research Fellowships to AHRC and ESRC students, early career researchers and doctoral-level research assistants. As an Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP student, you are eligible to apply.

For 2023 the world leading IPS institutions are:

  • Harry Ransom Center, Texas, US
  • The Huntingdon Library, California, USA
  • The Library of Congress (LoC) Washington DC, USA
  • National Institutes of the Humanities (NIHU), Japan
  • Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., USA

For information on the scheme, including eligibility and how to apply, please see the UKRI website. For queries about this opportunity, such as eligible activities and costs or remit of the opportunity, please contact the UKRI helpdesk, on support@funding-service.ukri.org, or by telephoning 01793 547490.

The final UKRI deadline for applications is 4pm on Thursday 23 February 2023.

Your university may have its own internal deadline ahead of this. Please check below for any institution-specific guidance.

If you will be submitting an application, please could you notify the Humanities Scholarships Officer, by emailing ahrcdtp@admin.ox.ac.uk by the end of January 2023.

To allow sufficient time for the final University approvals process prior to the final deadline of 23 February, we ask that you arrange for your application to be submitted a week earlier than this, by 16 February 2023. 

Cambridge's internal deadline for applications is 9 February 2023.

For further information about applying via the University of Cambridge please see the University of Cambridge's Fees and Funding webpage for OOC DTP Students.

If you are interested in applying, please email the Faculty of Arts and Social Science on FASS-Research-Student-Support@open.ac.uk to request further instructions.