Student-led training grant

OOC DTP students at the OU, Oxford and Cambridge are invited to bid for funding to design and deliver training for our students. We welcome proposals for a range of activities, from single day events to multiple day programmes. We are particularly keen to support collaboration across the consortium universities.

Examples of activities could include:

  • Research networking activities
  • Student-led symposia
  • Writing retreats
  • Public engagement activities
  • Skills workshops
  • Language training
  • Podcasts

The OOC DTP offers two different schemes as follows:


  • 11 September 2023
  • 6 November 2023
  • 15 January 2024
  • 11 March 2024
  • 13 May 2024
  • 15 July 2024


Scheme Summary Grants available
Student Research Networks Fund Encourages cross-institutional and/or interdisciplinary collaboration by funding networking activities led by at least two OOC DTP students from different consortium universities e.g. workshops, seminars, reading/discussion groups.

Large grant: Up to £2,500 for a 12-month series.

Small grant: Up to £750.

Student Colloquia Fund Enables students to organise a 1-day graduate conference, to be led by at least two OOC DTP students from different consortium universities. Up to £1,750 for a single event. 


Funding is available to support innovative training and development activities for the wider cohort of OOC DTP students. To be considered for funding, all activities:

  • Should be accessible to the entire cohort of OOC DTP students, or to all eligible students within the cohort if you are proposing more focussed subject-specific activities;
  • Should be driven by the training needs of OOC DTP students, but may be opened to other doctoral students across the consortium if space allows;
  • May build on training available through the DTP or consortium universities if it supports students to develop a higher level of expertise, but should not replicate existing provision.
Student-led initiatives  
  • At least two named applicants must be registered as OOC DTP funded students for the duration of the proposed activities.

  • Applicants should be from more than one institution, and ideally will be from more than one subject area.

  • Proposals must have been discussed with, and be supported by, your supervisors.

  • Proposed budgets and activities must be realistic and reasonable.

  • Benefit to participants and applicants must be clearly articulated.



Applicants are asked to consider how the proposed training might align with one or more of the OOC DTP training strands:


Aims to enhance personal and professional development; we are particularly keen to support bids for events that will support students in areas of strategic concern, including those that: 

  • Benefit the mental health and wellbeing of doctoral students; 

  • Raise awareness of equality and diversity inclusion around race, gender and sexuality; 

  • Support students to develop an international outlook and/or foreign language skills; 

  • Help our students explore career opportunities within and beyond academia. 

Future Humanities Facilitates the training of students in the very latest theories, methods and techniques in the arts and humanities.
Expanding Horizons Supports students to move beyond the usual boundaries of their academic discipline by engaging with technology, and adopting interdisciplinary methods.
Engaged Communications Ensures that students have the skills confidently to present and disseminate their research to a broad range of audiences, to collaborate with organisations outside of academia, and to achieve impact, in innovative and engaging ways.

Applications will be assessed as part of a gathered field four times a year. There are four deadlines per annum, with associated restrictions on the earliest possible date of the proposed event.

The application form is available to download below. Please complete and email to the OOC DTP team at, giving "OOC DTP training proposal" in the subject line. Any questions about the application process should be directed to the OOC DTP team at Once submitted, your proposal will be assessed and the outcome will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

Download Application Form


Eligible costs Ineligible costs
  • Professional fees for external trainers
  • Travel and subsistence for external speakers
  • Filming, audio recording and any other technical requirements necessary to record the content of the training
  • Catering
  • External venue hire (where appropriate)
  • Fees for faculty and other members of staff at the OU, Oxford and Cambridge - the AHRC will only allow us to cover the cost of external speakers and trainers
  • First class travel
  • Honoraria for speakers


The OOC DTP team will normally contact you within 6 weeks of the submission deadline, with a decision on your proposal: either yes, no, or revise and resubmit. This may include a discussion regarding budget requirements, scheduling and other practicalities pertaining to your proposal.

The OOC DTP is committed to making training materials available from each funded training event. Sessions will ideally be filmed and/or captured through the provision of training materials and reflective blog posts; specific arrangements can be discussed with successful applicants.

Student-led initiatives  

Funding will be offered subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The organisers agree by email to the Award Letter and Grant Conditions document that they will be sent when notified of their funding outcome.

  • The organisers of the training activity are willing to reflect on their experiences of setting up and completing the activity via either a blog post, spoken presentation, or other similar means, upon request from the OOC DTP team.

  • Promotional materials for the activity carry the words: ‘Supported by the Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership Cohort Development Fund’.

  • The organisers submit an evaluation plan in advance and share evaluations of the event with OOC DTP for review.



Funds will be administered via your individual university. As applicants should be from different institutions, only one of your universities will administer the funds.

Please contact the OOC DTP team on if you have any queries.