Extensions to AHRC submission deadline

As an Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP award holder, you are required by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to submit your thesis within the period of funding awarded to you. Extensions to AHRC submission deadlines are therefore usually only available in conjunction with extensions to studentship funding.


There are multiple opportunities throughout your PhD to apply for combined extensions to deadline and funding to allow for training, placements and research need (see Extensions to Studentship Funding). Extensions to funding and deadline can also be granted via the UKRI sick leave policy, via the DTP’s Covid-19 Extensions Policy, and via the DTP’s maternity, paternity, parental and adoption leave policy.


Award holders are normally expected to apply for extensions to submission deadline and funding via these routes. The DTP recognises, however, that in certain exceptional circumstances students may need to apply for an extension to their AHRC deadline without a concomitant extension of AHRC funding.


Applications will be considered at the following upcoming deadlines:

  • 11 September 2023
  • 6 November 2023
  • 15 January 2024
  • 11 March 2024
  • 13 May 2024
  • 15 July 2024



If you are within twelve months of the end of your registration period, and one of the following criteria pertain, you may apply for an extension to your AHRC submission deadline only:

  • If you have secured other formal, time-limited, funding linked to your studies (for example, a remunerated visiting fellowship).
  • If you have secured other funding to support the uptake of a professional development opportunity that is allied to but not formally part of your doctoral research (for example, the opportunity to teach a particular course related to your research).
  • If you are a fees-only student who is not supported by the AHRC for the payment of their stipend.


Please note:

  • Implicit in the above is the assumption that you have secured additional non-AHRC funding to accompany any extension granted to your AHRC deadline.
  • You will also be asked to confirm that you will continue to work on your thesis alongside the planned additional activities, and that a suspension of studies would not therefore be appropriate.
  • The DTP recognises that there may, exceptionally, be students whose progress has been slower than anticipated owing to personal adversity which has not met the threshold for suspension of studies, nor been eligible for support under the UKRI sick leave policy. In such cases, award holders are advised to contact the DTP Manager (manager@oocdtp.ac.uk) in the first instance, in order to investigate whether an unfunded but managed extension to their AHRC submission deadline may be warranted.


You may apply for an extension of up to six months, subject to a maximum registration period of four years in total, including prior extensions for placements, research training and research needs.

Note: Any extensions awarded to you under the UKRI scheme for Covid-19 support sit outside of the four-year maximum registration period, as do extensions granted on the basis of sick leave and maternity, paternity, parental and adoption leave.


Applications for extensions to AHRC studentship deadlines will be considered six times a year. You must apply for an extension prior to accepting the additional opportunity which necessitates the extension. The DTP recognises that, on occasion, short-notice opportunities may arise which require quick decisions. In such cases, you should contact the DTP Manager (manager@oocdtp.ac.uk).


  • You should apply using this AHRC Deadline Extension Application Form
  • You should complete this form following discussion with your supervisor(s)
  • Please supply full details of the rationale for an unfunded extension, giving details of the professional development opportunity which necessitates the extension. While you will not be asked for corroborating evidence at this stage, once your application has been reviewed the OOC DTP team may ask for confirmation of alternative sources of funding, or details of visiting fellowships/other opportunities.
  • Once complete, please email the form to your supervisor, asking them to complete the supervisor statement and then return the form to enquiries@oocdtp.ac.uk


Applications for extensions to AHRC submission deadlines will be considered six times a year by the DTP Director and members of the Management Board. Outcomes will normally be communicated four to six weeks later. Extensions to AHRC submission deadlines by this route are exceptional and, as such, not guaranteed. The DTP’s decision will be final.