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As an OOC DTP student you are encouraged to undertake a placement of up to three months (full-time) as part of your doctoral training. Enabling you to work with an external organisation on a mutually beneficial project, a placement is a fantastic professional development opportunity. You will develop valuable skills, expand your professional networks, and acquire experience that will enhance your CV and future employment prospects.

You may apply to the OOC DTP Placement Scheme for an extension to your studentship if you have secured an unpaid placement or internship that will contribute to your professional development. You may also apply for reasonable travel and accommodation costs if the placement requires you to work away from your normal place of residence. To be eligible for DTP support, the work undertaken on a placement must not be essential to the successful completion of your thesis.

If you are interested in doing a placement, please speak to your supervisor in the first instance, as you will need their approval for any application to the DTP.


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