Strategic Partners

The Open-Oxford-Cambridge DTP benefits enormously from collaboration with the BBC World Service, the National Trust and BT. The scale and range of these organisations fulfil our consortium’s ambition to transcend the local and extend beyond the national. Each has national reach and the highest international standing.

Between them, these partners cover three crucial areas for contemporary arts and humanities: heritage and cultural history (see for example, the National Trust Research Strategy), communications, and the understanding and use of technology. More importantly still, they share a common goal of finding new ways to engage diverse audiences across multiple platforms.

As an OOC DTP student, engagement with the strategic partners can help you to:

  • understand and express the contemporary relevance of your research
  • conceive of knowledge exchange as a vital part of that research
  • think broadly and laterally across the arts and humanities
  • seek new ways to interrogate the world around you
  • engage with multi- and interdisciplinary research as essential tools for understanding the big questions of our age
  • explore new technologies
  • add value and enhance global conversations that transcend national borders and cultural divides