OOC DTP Expanding Horizons Training

This training strand looks beyond traditional academic borders to find new tools and mechanisms to address new questions, exploring the potential of emerging and digital technologies. As well as convening a series of participatory workshops, the DTP designed and developed an online introductory training to Digital Humanities. 

Digital Humanities: Humanities research in the digital age

If you don't know your digitisation from your AI, or born digital from open access, this new free course in Digital Humanities is for you. You don't need to be able to code, programme or perform computational wizardry to become a digital humanist, and arguably all humanists of the future will be digital, so why not get a head start and demystify Digital Humanities now?

The course is perfect for those starting their Digital Humanities journey and who may be intimidated by the terminology and technology. Designed and developed by leading digital humanists at the Open University, Oxford and Cambridge for Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP students, this course will introduce you to key concepts and methodologies to help your target your research, study and training.

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